Hearth and Field


First Field Trip - Time to play in the grass.

 First Field Trip Saturday March 10th.  A visit to the Yard. It was overcast and cool, but we got outside before the rain. Seems to have been a roaring success. Started out slow for some. Not everyone was initially pleased with the change in temperature or texture.  Number One was not so sure she liked the cooler temperatures she had to go inside to warm up. Winnie (#2) discovered that she can really run & we spent time chasing her down. Cricket (#3) Spent the first couple minutes taking it all in and then decided that playing in the grass was a good thing. Birdie (#4) decided that a leaf was worth a point.  Betty Davis (#5) was all for it and took every opportunity to explore and chase her litter mates. Six spent lots of time playing with Betty and rolling around with One. Gunnar (#7), well he approached it as he does most things with self assurance and curiosity. Max (#8) discovered that grass made an excellent place to roll around on and that leaves are worth a point. Nine spent time taking it all in and decided that Gunnar needed some competition on who could explore further afield. Ten was all over the place once he decided that the grass was okay. Some started out a little slower but everyone got the hang of it eventually.  Their natural curiosity took over and away they went.