Hearth and Field


Turning 6 weeks means a trip to see the Veterinarian.

Transporting 10 puppies and their mom to the vet is controlled chaos. We made it without loosing anyone or anything. Very happy to say.  Had much needed help from Melissa/ daughter and Sarah/sister who helped wrangle them into the car  and the Dr's office. Tucker got a look over and a greatly needed pedicure from Charlie. Bird dog and pedicure are not things usually associated, but she could open a can with those nails.  All the pups got a very thorough exam from Dr Hillier.  All received there vaccines and cheese whiz with dignity.  Plus a great nail trim administered by Kim.  Not the easiest feat and I'm so grateful.  Dr H. pronounced all the pups healthy and beautiful.  Thanks to South Forsyth Animal Hospital for all there help and care!!!  Upon our return they took a long nap. Us adults celebrated with pizza and wine. It was a good day.  A great day to be a Southern Swarm Pup.