Hearth and Field


To is home from Bird Camp.

Okay this blog is a little late, but I've been rather busy.  Picked To up from Dave Walkers's Farm & Kennel after four weeks of Bird Camp.  It was good for To and truthfully good for me. The puppies needed so much attention.  Being a puppy himself he had trouble with the idea of a litter downstairs and he expressed himself by marking the door.  Which promptly got him into trouble. At camp things developed slowly.  He was not happy with kennel life.  Like to think he missed us, but most likely he missed his bed and toys.  Things began to pick up when he realized he had a job and it was birds. Loves birds anyway he can get them.  His nose started to develop, learned not to bump  birds,  began holding point and developed some style.  Dave took is slow introducing the shotgun which worked out well.  There is a great deal of work ahead, but he showed real promise.  Retrieve to hand definitely going to take work. He does not like to give up his bird.  Frankly he tends to run around with his perceived trophy.  As a result of all his trophy parading we learned he has a very very soft mouth. Looking forward to watching To develop.