Hearth and Field


Forever Homes.

One of the biggest things we wanted was for every puppy to have a great forever home and I believe each has one.  What I did not understand was how hard it was going to be to let them go.  Don't get me wrong I don't miss the pee and poop.  I don't miss the 2:30 am playdates or the early bird breakfast, but I do miss each puppy.  This group of pups truly believe the adage the early bird gets the worm.  There is such an innocence about them that it helps calm my soul.  Cricket headed home first.  We went from 10 to 9 on a Friday morning.  Tuck looked to be counting heads and puzzled by the number she was coming up with.  That afternoon Gunner went home.  Now we had 8.   The puppies noticed and moved their sleeping spot to a smaller blanket and I cried that night.   We savored Saturday with the eight.  Birdie and Winnie's family picked them up Sunday morning for the drive to Va.  What a great family and home and I cried.  The pups once agin changed their sleeping location this time to a crate. Tucker paced. It was six pups for another week. Our routine began to change. The remaining pups began going outside everyday. Instead of 2 feeding bowls it is 1.  The weekend arrived and Saturday morning Dash went home. The remaining 5 made another move this time to the smallest crate. Beau went home Saturday afternoon and Saturday night I cried.  Every  family was excited to pick up the newest member of their clan and they all are doing well.  We are excited and happy for everyone.  The puppy room feels a little empty, not as many puppies to greet and the noise level has decreased since we only have  four pups including our own.  They will be with us a couple more weeks and then off to their forever homes and I will cry.  It is rather bitter sweet.  Can't wait for the updates and photo's. I need to say thanks to all the help from our family and friends who helped us nurture this litter along.