Hearth and Field


First trip to the Backyard such that it is..

It has been a wet and cold winter. Every time I think maybe it will be a bit Warmer and Dryer it Rains. Great news for Lake Lanier, but poor weather to take puppies outside. All this rain has been a boon for Lake Lanier, but I would appreciate less use of my rain boots. On Saturday March 24th we took advantage of a break in the rain and all eight remaining puppies got outside.  Our first trip to the outside was the front yard and keeping track of all ten was a challenge. This was their first visit to our lovely backyard. Lovely is a vast over statement, but it's fenced providing a safe area for the pups.  To say the backyard needs work is an understatement, but when we discuss landscaping. I begin to breakout in hives. Talk about stress. New sod, new bushes and flowers just means more things dogs and puppies can dig up and eat.  Four humans, two dogs and eight pups went outside. Besides looking out for the normal hazards of holes, sticks, rocks, and running dogs. We kept an eye out for or local hawk. Better safe than sorry. The puppies got a chance to really stretch their legs. Chase Tuck and Mox and learn the fine art of ball retrieve.