Hearth and Field


Second Litter Arrives

Wednesday February 13th Tucks labor begins. The first stage of labor is long (it’s all long) and there is not much to see. She can’t get comfortable, outside she goes, upstairs, downstairs, under the desk, under the coffee station and back outside. The problem here is she does not want to be alone and if i don’t accompany her she whines and frets. I now speak from experience that there is not a great deal of room under my desk and no room under the coffee station. It also goes to prove the old adage ” misery loves company.” One thing seems to settle her down and it’s a massage. She loves to have her back massaged and I’ve got to thank Nori Smith for attending to that detail.

Tuck finally settles down into the whelping box as the sun sets. Russ had great hopes that pups would be here when he arrived home. Haha well that didn’t happen. The first pup arrived at 7:51 pm. Every pup is named according to their birth order. Not very original, but it works for me anyway. Litter One began with One & went thru Ten. Litter Two begins with Eleven. The first to arrive is #11 a female. At 8:19 pm #12 a male appears. #13 a female drops in at 8:44 pm. She promptly rolls to the corner earning the nick name “baby” (don’t put baby in the corner). Check in for 14 was 9:16 pm. A male earning the nick name Sparrow. Originally pirate (looks like he has an eye patch), but that did not suit. One can’t be called pirate one must be named after a pirate I was informed. Who knew? Not me evidently. The things one learns at 58 amazes me. Just when one feels things will wrap up quick and you will have an early evening and a glass of wine. Is about the time things slow down. Mother nature has her own ideas. The most important thing is the health of Tuck and the pups, but I really would enjoy a glass of wine at this time as I imagine Tuck would too. No luck in that area. A female #15 disembarked at 10:55pm. The first Valentines pup a female breezes in at 12:28 am #16. Pup #17 a male in bit of a hurry barges in at 12:41 am. The train really begins to slow now or maybe it’s a longer journey. #18 a female rolls in at 3:45 am. The next crashes the party at 3:46 am. Pup 19 a male was tired of waiting to disembark. A Valentines Litter. Great karma -Tuck’s birthday February 14, 2014.

Tucker ‘s x-ray a week earlier had shown 9 pups. Last year the x-ray showed 9, but she had ten. We did not realize until the vet & I had a disagreement. I lost. This year I made sure to check and press Tucks tummy. Nori took her for a walk. I cleaned up the whelping room. Washing machine & dryer running. Tuck and 9 pups asleep. Time for that glass of wine. Bed at 6:00 am. Up at 8:30. Tuck & pups doing well. Nori stopped in late afternoon inquiring jokingly had I counted. I was so tempted to say “yes of course”, I refrained. Tired and cranky who thought to count. What are the odds. Well guess who had the last laugh?

Amelia Brockelbank