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Lady Gracie's AaHaa Moment

We took Gracie down to Walker Farm & Kennel to officially introduce her to birds. Which sounds silly cause it’s not as if she has never seen a bird. This intro is different because it will allow her to get much closer and the opportunity to actually make contact. Gracie points and chases Morning Dove in our backyard. We know she is interested, but to what degree? To become an exceptional bird dog, which is the goal she needs a deep hunger to start. A casual like will not work. Some pups don’t really care, some don’t care enough to ignore and become comfortable with the loud bang of a gun. These questions need to be answered first and we hope to get them today. I’m always a little nervous until after the first bird is planted. Her actions will not change how much we love her, but they will impact what path we take together.

It’s an overcast moist Saturday morning. Gracie whines a bit from the gator kennel as Dave places a couple of quail out. Kennel door opens. Gracie bounds down. As she strikes the ground she lifts her nose to the air catching all the new scents just as I’ve seen Tuck do many a time. She takes a sweeping look around - no one is holding the lead = Freedom. Off she goes nose to the ground winding around the trees and tall grass. Dave calls her back and Gracie comes our way nose to the ground. She halts, a clump of grass and rotting stump appear to hold her interest she is quivering as she points her first quail. I give a deep sigh of relief. Dave laughs as she is off attempting to snag her first Quail.

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