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When You Know A Pup Found the Right Home

When one of our dogs has a litter I always feel it’s a privilege. We have been entrusted with something very special meaning we must do our best. Which sounds … rather goody-goody - yuck. Get real I like dogs and enjoy puppies. However, by 8 weeks I’m ready for everyone to go to their forever homes. I’ve had enough of the 4:00 am play group, peeing, pooping and chewing on my toes. Which gets to the point I am meandering towards ‘The Right Home.” How do I know if it’s the right puppy in the right home, because that’s the most important thing. If that’s not right nothing else matters. These are tremendous dogs, but they are not for everyone. Even in a litter there are certain pups that will fit better with certain people. When folks are picking their puppy I cross my fingers and pray. After they go home I enjoy hearing from families. People will generally let you know how the new member is settling in, but you really know a pup has had a positive impact when a Mom sends a copy of note her child wrote about their pup. It makes it all Good.

This is Success. The right puppy in the right home. God Bless.

This is Success. The right puppy in the right home. God Bless.

Amelia Brockelbank