Hearth and Field


Three Weeks and 2nd Field Trip to the Vet.

I’m taking 10 puppies and Tuck to the vet for their 3 week visit. A clothes basket full of 10 puppies, towels and hot water bottle is not the lightest load and going upstairs is a true workout. I pushed the basket across the wood floors - easier. Happily no new scratch on the already scratched floor. Load up the pups. Grab Tuck and leave coffee cup behind. Really wanted that cup. As I’m leaving the drive pups tumble from the basket. Do I stop- nope- drive on hoping they don’t make it to the floor boards before we reach our destination. It’s a race. Lucky I win.

Swear that puppy basket is getting heavier - they must be growing as we go. Everyone gets a look over by Dr Cook. They got dewormed, weighed, nails trim and loved on by staff. #11 a female weighed 3.47 pounds. #17 a male weighed 3.5. The smallest was #15 a female at 2.7 pounds. Tucker got her nails trimmed and some admiration from Charlie her favorite Groomer. All ladies need a spa day.

Not a puppy tumbled from the basket on our way home. Pushed the basket across the floor again, but did not carry it down the stairs. Took pups down in two’s. Much Safer! Everyone took a nap after their Field Trip.

Amelia Brockelbank